jeudi 26 mai 2016

Urgent call to all women! Volunteer Committee Members still needed!

Oyé! Oyé!

It's a pleasure to write to you to give you some news about our WEWClub.

Many have been put of by the monthly cost, even if i never send a Membership dues it's important to finance the group, so the committee will decide how and who will contribute, so I've removed it for the moment. I still need you to join, participate and communicate to meet your expectations. Don't hesitate to register on the website and chat on the social forum.

It took me a lot of time to organise the website, so your point of view, opinions, critics or  supports are welcome. Use on our survey and if you've already do it, thanks from the bottom of my heart.

From today I didn't have had the chance to meet all of you (believe me I try hard) Having all of you for a Women's Party will be great... But don't worry, that's our next goal, isn't it. ;)

For now I'm still looking for members to constitute our committee.

I believe that it's the beginning of a wonderful journey.

So are you a devoted mum at home with kids? Retired and energetic? Enthusiastic Student? Busy Worker with a few spare time? Or you are just happy to geniusly help others?

Yes! Perfect, I need you! To start a new community support group for women only in Newcastle and surround. Why you? Because together we are stronger.

As a volunteer member of the Committee, we will create, organised, legally constitute and manage this group, focus on helping women. Sharing ideas, Creating new activities, applying for funding and meeting in each other house before finding the best venue.

You will need to be committed, available at least once a week, open to diversity, ideally with Christian values but not indispensable as we are open to all background. Bring your partner, children, cat, dog and most of all, your smile.

No it's not another hippy group. It's the birth of a Women Empowering Women Group. So come and join me. Be part of it. I need you.

The aim of the group is to bring together different women from all background and to empower each other to fully enjoy our life. 

Some of you already express their interest but 1 or 2 are still needed. So come and join. Spread the word with your family and friend...Share it with on your facebook and twitter.

Please text me (name and availability) if you are interested and I will contact you back.


dimanche 15 mai 2016

GOTheDistance I WANT TO GET FIT : The Pram Running's Mum PROGRAM


You want to be fit? you have a baby? a pram? or you just want a fresh air?

So let's go! JOIN US


The Pram Running's Mum PROGRAM : Parkour Running, Walking & Exercising

Bring a bottle of water and depending on the changing weather,...

a protection from the sun and wind or rain!


Cost per person = £1:00 per activity or £5:00 per month for all ativities in a month. free for your Kids.
Fees are set up to cover the monthly meetup fees!

So Thanks for joining
Please found more about us on our web site HERE PLEASE REGISTER IN OUR MEMBER FORUM!
Contact me for more details
Please like us & share on facebook