dimanche 4 septembre 2016

Enjoy your success. You nailed it!

Yep! What if you've work hard for something and succeed boldly!

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Yes, It's finally happen!

You manage to reach your goal, materialized your dream. find your way.

So what more to say?

Well. First of all, it’s hard.
Hard to act with determination.
Hard to believe in Yourself.
Hard to be courageous.
Hard to go make the first step.
Hard to fall and to stand up again.
When there is no one to decide for you
You have to make the final choice
And visualize the result
Project yourself in this dimension
Embrace your destiny
Be proud of yourself.

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Success grow in every person
Only those who dare to nurture it
Will experience  the beauty of its realisation

Don’t think that it’s easy.
It’s NOT.

Don’t think that you can not.
You CAN be successful too

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But never expect someone to come and give you your success on a golden plate.
NEVER. The disillusionists will woke up, for sure.

Now you go and materialize your dream.

See u soon.

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vendredi 12 août 2016

Will You Dare to...

...Write it down!

Who do you think you are?

I mean. Really.
How do you talk about yourself.  
Which words do YOU choose to speak about you?

Is it like?...
I don't deserve it?
S/He is better than me.
I will never be able to have it?
They have so much luck!
What a blessing! I wish to be like that. So loved.
Everything I do. Just failed.
She worth it. Normal that she get it.
I'm down on my luck. Again.
I feel miserable. But I'm used to it now.
Bad news. Bad day. Whatever.
Ho shit! They get a new car. Argh.
How on earth did they manage to have this.
I want it so badly. I can kill for it.
Pfff. Life is so unfair.

That's it????
Your Words are like boomerang. They come back to you. On way or another. If you keep saying or thinking bad things....don't be surprise that bad things happen to you.
How long have you been in this poor state?
Complaining, envying, jalousing, ...

That's bad. It's time to change it.

Honestly. Who do you think you are?

A left over.
A second category humain
A take this-do this-shut up.
A gold fish.
So why are you treating yourself so badly.
It's not you. Ok.
So why are you allowing other to treat you so bad.  

Just to remind you.
You are a human being, with a heart, a lot of potential and full of emotions and ambition. So use it.

Yes I know. You don't know where to start. What are you waiting for? The top go?  1.2.3...Go.

From now on, you will live for your dreams. Achieve your potential, stand for yourself and love your life.

Having some Bads thoughts. One simple and easy solution : write them all down.
After 2 pages of negativity, read each line out loud and add LIES at the end. When finish reading, burn it and throw the ach in the toilet. Process to be repeated as long as necessary. Will you just dare doing it?!

Stop being fossy. You also deserve to be happy. Really you do.
So stop being negative about yourself and everybody.
You can reach this dream goal.
Just learn to dream big.
You can enjoy a wonderful life.
Just start to appreciate theses little victory in your life.

But More important be careful about what and who you bring into your life, house, mind.
Don't ever ever ever speak negatively about yourself. Ever.
Be confident that you are as good as anybody else. Even better in some defined area.
This specific talent (Don't start. we all have at least one..) is the key to your happiness. Find it. Nourish it.

Don't worry about sharing it or people copying you. Theses are steps to make you works harder.
Yes, there is a lot of good in you. Only the best are models for others. Be proud of you.
Find friends who love you for Who you are, encourage you, support you.

It's never too late to start again.

Just get it. YOU are so blessed!
Yes YOU.

Now go. And do good.

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See u soon


mercredi 3 août 2016

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samedi 30 juillet 2016

No one can understand you... better than YOU

Stop filling an empty bucker!

Don't pretend that its ok when It’s not.
Don't grow yourself a mushroom of guilt and shame for someone else selfishness.
Its not ok to spend money on something for it to be faulty
Its not ok to work for something and get no result
Its not ok for someone to hurt you when you give them trust
no you can NOT please everybody all the time. honestly!

So whatever the situation is, believe in you.
Speak your heart, clear your mouth and then move on. don’t get stuck.
Meditate and get your peace back. Refocus on what is really important for you.

The funny thing with life is its unpredictability.
For sure you’ve never planned to be half naked in a boiling pan.
So find an other way out. Move around and go.
Don't get stung by the same bee. See the bigger picture.

Put yourself in order.
Your mind and your closet.
Your relationship and your bills
It takes time so you better start now.

Look in the mirror and repeat:

This situation will not last forever.
Soon or later I will overcome this problem
I can do whatever I decide to realise.
I only need to control my mind to be successful

You need someone to believe in you.

Don't loose hope.
It's not too late to build your future.

Change is always difficult,
but it's combining head and heart which is the most difficult
Follow your dream ,only you can understand it’s value and importance

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See u soon


Great thanks to @LucyWalker

vendredi 22 juillet 2016

❦❤❦ Thank you, to you reader. ❦❤❦

Thank you to anyone reading and to the person who send me this wonderful and encouraging comment, now I know...someone is reading. (♥‿♥)

" Supatree79, 22/07/2016
I appreciate your writing style! Its like a friend trying to talk some sense into you. Someone genuine - not a paid 'professional' or wannabe/self titled 'expert' - just someone who cares & understands, who knows what they're talking about from experience. Thanks for the advice xXx"

To be honest...
I never pretend to be better than anyone,  the opposite is true
I never use people to my advantage, I apologise if ive done it.
I never act to be loved in return,  nontheless
you know the saying : never say never

What’s more common is stuggling with the dark thoughts
But hey it doesn’t have to be the new normal.
Deciding to take on board, ONLY the positive,
instead of fighting, twisting or rethinking the thoughts alone,
I’ve decide to EXPOSE and CONFRONT them. Tah dah!

Non non non… don’t be afraid, it’s not a witch craft game.
it’s just about answering ONE simple question.

who leads your thoughts and actions in your life?

If like me you spontaniously  reply ME ME ME
yes i’m the boss in my life. i knew it. lol.
just look at me, i’m normal and powerful, positive and determinate
superman...wonderwoman...fantastic four, yes all in one!

But wait a minute, what about you stop lying to yourself.
You didn’t decide to come on earth to do your things and go. do you?
So what is it that you are doing here?
ho, just deciding this and that, who and where, when and how. ha ok. pardon me.

happy now? if you are happy it’s fine.
or maybe are you trying to convince me of something...like it’s not the real truth
yep! and what about these people around...who are telling you what to do, what to think, or not.
on the surface maybe nobody but subconsciously ...hummmm...there are a million people in your head...minimum.

non? and what about your conscious.

yes. can you tell me how you deal with it please?
is it a constant fight, like speaking to a wall, or  having ALOT of negotiations everyday?
A permanent meeting and you wonder whose gone be fired. maybe you?!

just to remind you here that what ever your thoughts are, your past or your situation,
you have to be in control of your future.
if tomorrow is your last day, you don’t want to stay stuck all the day fighting with your thoughts.

so...let’s do this simple clarifying mechanism, in five minutes tops.
Take some paper, draw two colomns, write in the first colomn all your thoughts down as they come, and in the second your answer or action to your thoughts. Don’t forget to mark yourself!!

Sounds good! yes. cool!

Now you can play, the ‘I decide game’, or ‘thoughts management game’.
(don’t google it, i’ve just invented it. lol)

It’s perfect to do this before going to sleep as you will feel exhausted, you will clear your head and have a good night sleep.
But also good for those who don’t have a friend handy next to them, to speak and help decide what to do. You have all that it takes to decide for yourself.

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See u soon


Great thanks to @LucyWalker #HAPPYBIRTHDAY

lundi 18 juillet 2016

Build your self esteem up!

Build your self esteem up! It’s time to react : BE PROACTIVE!
Your life doesn't just "happen."
Whether you know it or not, it is carefully designed by you.

We all go through pain and stress and distress in Life, so it’s time to pause and think about where we are going. It’s easy to look at other and think...Hooo they are sooo lucky, not like me…they are rich, healthier or they are so blessed...me, i attract problems. (sad face)

Ho hun, how long do you think that you will moan like this. All your fiends know the story that you repeat again and again about your last lover who mistreat you, your parent too strict and this colleague who turn your life in hell… all theses persons who used and abused you...and you said…

WHY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right now, you are not LIVING but SURVIVING...taking every day like a real burden.

Now the following should not be a surprise for you, yes you already know what I’m about to say...but hey, just take it and let’s start with the painful. and let’s be clear.


STOP comparing yourself to your neighbors or your frien. You will be disappointed to notice that someone, not far away from you has ALREADY done better than you. Yes look again.    
STOP accumulate things. It's just things, replaceable things will NOT bring your happiness back. It will lift you up for a while, but quickly you will need and other expensive thing. Hoarding is not THE competition, just the best way to become a shop addict.

STOP being angry at others... if your neighbor copycat you (like mine), chill out, take is as a compliment. Imitation is the best form of flattery    

STOP lying to yourself, alcohol and cigarette are NOT your friends. As you are careful about what you drink and eat, select carefully what you listen and believe

STOP running alone. find some friends, some good one, not the one who comfort you in your daily lamentations. Find a COACH or a MENTOR! Yes, an inspiration, boost yourself up.

Now for the more positive and joyful :


Love yourself, you are unique valuable and loved, just the you you are deep down inside,    
be optimist and dream big; only expect the positive to come. You deserve it. Repeat it everyday and believe it

Be positive and help others without ANY expectation, it will show your real heart.

Laugh a lot, I mean a lot. Laugh alone or WITH others, watch a nice movie,

Be nice, treat yourself like you want other to treat you,

Surprise and pamper yourself, LOVE YOURSELF. It doesn’t need to be expensive it can be simple. Just chill out. Have a meeting with yourself and listen to some relaxing music to meditate, have a break.

SPEAK IT OUT. talk back to your inner critic thought. Speak back to your to yourself with what you want others to tell you. Listen to your POSITIVE inner thoughts ONLY. Kick out the horrible villain who obsede you. Free yourself!

Be indulgent on yourself, a mistake is just ONE only single mistake. No need to be mad at you for life. Forget it. Move on. Life is too short, so LIVE like today is your last day : No regret!

Be confident. Stick to your pant, don’t run away naked every time someone hurt or shocked you. Nothing is more important than keeping your inner PEACE.

So take it easy, relax and enjoy your journey

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See u soon


dimanche 17 juillet 2016

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